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How do I relist my item after it sells?

To relist an item after it has sold, it must have been listed as Brand New, B-stock or Mint (with inventory). Additionally, the option "I have more than one" must have been selected when listing it.

All listings with conditions lower than Mint are considered unique, and require individual photos and descriptions to highlight any particular blemishes or modifications. If your unique item has sold, it will be locked in an 'Ordered' status and can't be edited or re-listed. If you have multiple unique items, each must have its own individual listing.

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How to relist items with inventory

If your item was sold with inventory and is out of stock or the listing was ended, follow these steps to relist it on Reverb.

Relisting a Sold Out item:

  1. Go to "Edit Listing" from your Sold Out Listings page.
  2. Enter your quantity in the "# in stock" field.
  3. Click "Save & Review Listing".


Relisting an Ended item:

  1. Choose "Relist" in the Edit tab on your Ended Listings page.


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