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How do I upload photos and videos via messages?

Quick answer

In situations where you receive an item not as described, we encourage sending the seller photos and videos of the issues directly through Reverb messages. Issues typically get solved faster this way, and if Reverb Support needs to get involved, our team can see all messages, expediting a resolution.

Uploading photos to messages on web

  1. Locate the order on your Purchases page, and select Message Seller. If you have an existing message thread, go to your Notifications tab where you can select Messages from there.


  2. Within the message, choose Attach Images to upload photos directly from your device.


  3. Once you have your images attached and any necessary text added, select Send Message. You will be notified via email and in your Reverb account once the seller responds.

Uploading photos to messages on the app

  1. Go to the My Reverb tab.
  2. Tap Messages to go to a message thread, or go to your Purchases page where you can click on the order number, then Message Seller.
  3. Tap the photo icon to upload images from your phone.



  4. Once the images are attached, along with any necessary text, select Send (or the arrow icon on Android).

How to add videos

Videos cannot be uploaded directly onto our platform. Instead, you can use free platforms like Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

  1. Once you have uploaded your video on one of these platforms, be sure you have it set to public, which is typically located under the video settings.
  2. Copy and paste the public video URL to the message and send it to the seller.
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