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How does Reverb protect sellers?

All purchases on the site are backed by our Reverb Seller Protection. Reverb’s secure payment transactions ensure you’ll safely receive your money. If issues aren’t able to get resolved between you and the buyer first, or if you purchased Safe Shipping on an item that arrived damaged, Reverb Support is here to assist and provide a timely and unbiased resolution.

When an order is disputed by a buyer, Reverb compares their reasoning for the dispute to your listing and return policy. Make sure that the description, photos, and gear condition on your listing are accurate to help us protect you in these cases. Learn more about gear conditions and what they mean.

Additionally, make sure to set up your return policy to one that works for you. You can edit this policy at any time.

Note: When a buyer purchases one of your listings, the return policy active at the time of payment applies to the order. Subsequent changes to your return policy will not affect previously completed orders.

What should I do if a buyer reports issues on an order?

Learn the steps to take in situations where the buyer has issues with their purchase.

How do I qualify for Reverb Seller Protection?

  • All sales completed through the Reverb website or mobile app qualify for Reverb Seller Protection.
  • Record of both payment and shipment must be available within the Reverb platform.
  • Disputes must be communicated to Reverb within 7 days of the shipment being delivered.
Note: Reverb is unable to assist in any shipping issues where the shipping label was not purchased through Reverb or if Safe Shipping was not selected when purchasing a shipping label through Reverb.

What should I do if my shipment was damaged but Safe Shipping wasn't used?

Learn how to resolve shipping issues if you did not purchase a shipping label through Reverb.

How do issues get resolved?

  • First, contact the buyer directly to work out a solution. Most issues are solved easily between the buyer and the seller.
  • If you’re unable to come to an agreement with the buyer, contact Reverb Support, and we’ll step in to mediate.

My order has been upgraded to the Reverb Resolutions team, what happens next?

Our Resolutions team handles Safe Shipping claims and disputed orders.

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