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What is a payment processing fee?

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Payment processing fees are charged on all orders on Reverb. In short, these fees cover the cost of an online transaction and the overall cost of processing a buyer’s payment. The fee is calculated from the order’s total sale price, including shipping fees and any applicable taxes.

How much are payment processing fees with Reverb Payments?

  • For sellers using Reverb Payments, the payment processing fee is 3.19% of the transaction amount +$0.49 per transaction.
  • For Reverb Preferred Sellers, the payment processing fee is 2.99% of the transaction amount + $0.49 per transaction.

The payment processing fee is calculated based on the order total, and is assessed in your local currency:


3.19% + $0.49 USD per transaction


3.19% + $0.49 CAD per transaction


3.19% + 0,49€ per transaction


3.19% + £0.49 per transaction

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Applicable orders with a cross-border transaction may have an additional 1% fee. Transactions within the European Economic Area (EEA) are considered domestic and will not incur a cross-border fee.

If you choose to list your item in a different currency than you receive your Reverb Payments earnings, a 2.5% currency conversion fee will be assessed on the subtotal of your payout, in addition to your regular payment processing fees.

How are payment processing fees charged?

With Reverb Payments, the payment processing fee is automatically deducted from your final earnings, similar to the selling fee.

Is this the Reverb Selling Fee?

No. This fee is separate from the 5% Reverb selling fee, as it focuses on the cost of processing the payment.

If Reverb Payments is not available in your region, you should refer to the PayPal Payment Processing Fees.
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