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How do returns work for sellers on Reverb?

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Returns begin with the seller’s return policy. The policy enabled at the time of purchase is what needs to be abided by. We always recommend communicating with the buyer to request photos and/or videos of any issues, and if a resolution cannot be reached directly between you and the buyer, contact our Support Team for further assistance.

Reverb's return protocol:

The most important component here is your return policy at the time of the buyer’s purchase. This will determine how long the buyer has to report any issues or communicate interest in returning the item.

If the item arrived not as described, it is on the seller to supply a return shipping label and/or file a claim with the shipping carrier. If a shipping label purchased from Reverb was used with Safe Shipping, then our Support Team needs to be contacted so the case can get escalated to our Resolutions Team.

Pro tip: Be sure the buyer saves all packaging and supplies photos and/or videos.

If the buyer is wanting to return the item because they simply do not like it, they are only able to return the item if your return policy allows for returns. If this is the case, then the buyer must supply their own return shipping label, and once the item has been returned to you, the refund must be completed within 48 hours.

What happens after the refund is sent through Reverb Payments?

After a refund is initiated through Reverb Payments, your billing card will be charged within one business day. Before your billing card is charged, you can view the current negative balance on your Earnings page.
  • Reverb refunds the buyer.
  • Reverb will attempt to charge your billing card on file within 1 business day of the refund being issued.
  • Once a billing attempt has been made, the refund amount will be visible on your billing statement.
  • Any earnings from sales made using Reverb Payments will be deducted from any outstanding balance within this 1 business day window.
  • We cannot bill outstanding debts to PayPal accounts or to bank accounts. Sellers must be able to supply a valid billing card.
You will be refunded Reverb's 5% selling fee for refunds issued in full. For partial refunds, you will be refunded Reverb's 5% selling fee in proportion with the refunded amount. Payment processing fees and bump fees are not prorated on partial refunds.

Examples of some common return situations:

The buyer doesn't like the item and wants to return it.
  1. A buyer submits a refund request because they don't like the color of the item.
  2. Their request is within the seller's return policy, so the seller conditionally approves the refund request.
  3. The buyer supplies and pays for their own return shipping label. Before returning, the buyer confirms the seller’s return address.
  4. The seller receives the item and completes the approved refund within 48 hours.
  5. The buyer receives their money back in their account within 1-3 business days.
An item is damaged in shipping.
  1. A buyer receives a damaged item and sends photos to the seller via Reverb messages.
  2. Since the buyer’s refund request was submitted the day after delivery, the buyer is protected with Reverb Buyer Protection. The seller used a shipping label purchased from Reverb with Safe Shipping.
  3. The seller reaches out to Reverb Support to report the issue.
  4. The case gets escalated to our Resolutions Team.
  5. A Resolutions agent reaches out to both parties within 5 business days and immediately starts working on the claim.
  6. The issue is resolved within 5 days and both parties have been compensated accordingly.
A shipment gets lost during transit.
  1. A buyer notices their tracking information has been stuck on “in transit” for over 14 days and messages the seller. The seller purchased their shipping label from USPS directly.
  2. The seller files a lost package claim with USPS.
  3. USPS declares the item as lost and reimburses the seller.
  4. The seller initiates a refund to the buyer for the full amount.
  5. The buyer receives their money back in their account within 1-3 business days.

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