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How do returns work for buyers on Reverb?

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Since Reverb consists of independent sellers who manage their own shops, we recommend you first review the listing's Payment & Returns section to confirm the return policy on your purchase. If you are within the appropriate return window, message the seller directly with documentation of any issues and submit a refund request.

All purchases on the site are backed by Reverb Buyer Protection, so if your seller does not respond within 24 hours, contact Reverb Support for further assistance.

Reverb's return protocol:

  • It is important to review the seller’s return policy on their Shop Policies page to confirm whether a return is warranted. 
  • If the item arrived not as described and is reported to the seller and/or Reverb within 7 days of delivery, you are eligible for a return. 
  • Be sure you save all packaging in case Reverb or the carrier asks for this. 
  • Outside of the 7-day window, a return is dependent on the seller’s custom return policy, if applicable. 
  • The reason for your return will determine who is responsible for the return shipping costs. 
  • Once the seller has the item back, your refund should be completed within 48 hours and you should see the money back in your account within the following 3-5 business days.
Important: If you make any modifications to the item after receiving it, that voids Reverb Buyer Protection and a return is not warranted.

Steps for getting a refund or return started:

  1. Gather photos and videos of any issues once they are encountered and message the seller on Reverb with that information. Our team can see all messages, expediting a resolution if our involvement is needed.
  2. Request a refund on the order.
  3. 🕑 Allow the seller 24 hours to respond to this request.
  4. Once approved, ship the item back to the seller (unless a partial refund or other arrangements were discussed). Be sure to confirm the seller's return address with them prior to shipping.
  5. Once the item is back in the seller's possession, your refund should be initiated in 48 hours. This allows for the seller to inspect the item and make sure it arrives back as described.
If the seller remains unresponsive to your messages and refund request after 24 hours, you can contact Reverb Support to step in and assist.

Who is responsible for return shipping costs?

If the item you purchased arrived damaged or not as described, and you reported the issues to the seller or Reverb within 7 days of delivery, the seller is responsible for the return shipping costs.

On a preference-based return, typically the buyer would be responsible for purchasing the return shipping label, as well as coordinating return shipping logistics with the carrier.

Within the US, sellers can purchase return shipping labels directly via Reverb. For orders where shipping labels from Reverb are not available, the seller and buyer should work together to find the best avenue for return shipment.

How do buyers purchase a return shipping label through Reverb?

Reverb Support can assist you in purchasing a return shipping label.

Where can I find a return address?

To ensure your shipment will be received safely by the seller, you will need to message them directly to confirm their desired return shipping address. This is critical since sellers must receive the returned item before completing the refund.

Make sure your seller approves your refund request before shipping the item back.

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