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Account safety & login verification

Reverb takes user security extremely seriously and has numerous safety measures in place to protect account information for our community.

Apart from steps that we take, here are a few general recommendations to keep your information safe on Reverb and across the web.

  • Don't reuse your passwords across sites and consider using a password manager to automatically generate and store unique and complicated passwords
  • When entering sensitive information such as your email address or password, make sure you're on an official domain (ie: Reverb will never ask you to enter sensitive information on domains outside of
  • Be cautious with unsolicited emails, they can be from people posing to be Reverb staff

What should I do if I think my account is compromised?

If you have reason to believe your account has been compromised or notice any unusual activity or emails from Reverb, you should contact us with those details. Our team can verify if emails were authentic and provide guidance on next steps.

Login verification

As part of our commitment to keeping your account safe, there are times when we may ask you to verify your login with a one-time passcode sent to your email.

If you are prompted to do this after logging in, simply input the code that we emailed to you along with your Reverb login credentials. If you are having issues with this process, please reach out to Reverb Support for assistance. 

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