How to Get Paid with Reverb Payments

When you sell an item via Reverb Payments, you can choose to get paid via direct deposit to a bank account or to Reverb Bucks, which saves you money on buying gear on

1. Activate Reverb Payments
2. Enter Your Tracking Information
3. How Long Does it Take to Receive my Payout?
4. First Reverb Payments Sale
5. After Your First Reverb Payments Sale
6. I am still not seeing my Payout. What are the next steps? 

Activate Reverb Payments:

1. Head to your Shop Settings Page 
2. Click on Policies
3. Decide where your earnings should go. You can select Reverb Bucks or Automatically send to a Bank Account
4. Enter your bank account information, then select Save Changes
5. Ensure you have a billing card on file

Learn more about Reverb Payments 

Enter your tracking information:

1. Head to your Orders page
2. Click on Add Tracking Info or Get Shipping Label (tracking is automatically applied when Reverb Shipping Labels are purchased)
3. Select the Shipping Provider and enter the Tracking Number
4. Click Add Tracking

How Long Does it Take to Receive my Payout?

Depending on your specific bank, payouts may take 1-3 business days to appear in your bank account after initiated by Reverb.

If a deposit falls on a weekend or holiday, the payout should be sent on the next business day.

First Reverb Payments Sale:

You will receive a notification of your first payout being approved within 1-2 business days following the delivery of the item according to the tracking information you've provided to Reverb. Following that, it may take your bank 1-3 business days to process that deposit.

After your First Reverb Payments Sale:

After your first sale, your payouts will be initiated once tracking is entered and the item is "in transit" via the shipping carrier.
Payout times may vary based on existing feedback ratings, sales volume, Preferred Seller status, price of the item, and shipping destination.

I am still not seeing my Payout. What are the next steps? 

1. Head to your Shop Policies page to ensure you entered the correct bank information and are checking the correct account (or your Reverb Bucks earnings).

2. Ensure that you uploaded the correct tracking number on your Orders page.

3. Review our Reverb Payments payout timeline to ensure your order meets the payout criteria.

4. Bank info incorrect? Don't sweat it! Just go ahead and add the correct bank info on your Shop Policies page, then contact us once you're ready to have this payout resubmitted. Keep in mind that bounced payouts can take up to 7 days to return to us.


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